Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nelson demands full apology explanation

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson wants to know how the apology to indigenous children taken from their families will be presented to Parliament.

It is still unclear exactly how the apology will be made and what the wording will be.

“Labor has been promising an apology for 10 years,” Dr Nelson said.

“But it is yet to tell the Australian public exactly what it would say on its behalf.”

Mr Rudd today warned Dr Nelson that there was little room to move on an apology to those removed from their families by government and church groups.

“You either support an apology or you don't,” Mr Rudd said in Canberra.

“The core content of it will be absolutely clear.

“The language of it and how we approach it in overall terms should be clear as the week progresses.”

The Prime Minister also said the “first stage” of developing the apology had finished ahead of the February 13 deadline.

He said he expected to meet with Dr Nelson during the week to explain the wording.

Dr Nelson remained staunch in not offering his support until the wording is revealed.

“It's about time Mr Rudd came clean and revealed the wording of his proposed apology that will be presented to Parliament in just 10 days time.”

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